Size Comparison – Chapter 2

Size Comparison porn

At this Carnal Media extravaganza, Dr. Wolf invited us back to his home and I was thrilled because I knew there are going to be some size comparison action going on. Last week we met when I visited his office. I have always felt self-conscious about how tall I am. I am only 5’3″, and I wanted him to tell me that my growth wasn’t being hampered by an incurable, nasty illness. The doctor was right. I am short. And, you could also say that I have learned that being short can make me sexy. His methods were, to be fair, quite unconventional. Although I didn’t expect to lose my virginity that day in his office, the chemistry between us was intense and felt right. I left his office feeling six feet tall.

While I hoped he would feel the same connection, I was relieved to hear that he had been thinking about me a lot and wanted to spend some quality time with me.

His house is amazing. It is located in the middle of the forest, about half an hour from downtown. He took me through the entire house, showing me every inch of it. It was amazing to see how many rooms there were. The garden has a hot tub!

He bought me a soda, and we sat down together to watch the television. He reached out to me and wrapped his arm around my neck, and we were sitting on a big, comfortable couch. It felt very protective. It felt like he wanted me feel safe. He knows that he can be intimidating, He is unbelievably tall. He dwarfs me in fact. His hands must be almost twice as big as mine. If he wanted to, he could snap me in half, but instead, he is really gentle and that’s unbelievably hot. He finds the difference in size to be quite attractive, I believe.

He stood up quickly and began to kiss me. To reach his lips, I had to stand on my tiptoes and he was clearly squatting!

He quickly got me to my jock, sat down on my knees and we continued to kiss. He began to squeeze my dick. This is the only part of me that isn’t small. He pulled my jock down and got me up again before squeezing me. It’s exciting to know that he is so knowledgeable and I am learning so much from him.

He had me stand on the couch, while he was on the ground. We were almost equal in height. It was strange to kiss him at his level. Now I understand what it is like to be tall. Dr Wolf would probably not be interested in me if I was tall. So maybe I should embrace being a little guy.

Moments later, he picked me up and wrapped my legs around him waist. We were still kissing that long! I was held by him for hours! It would have been impossible for two men of the same height and build to do something like this. I could feel his fingers pressing into my stomach. Although I was scared at first, I couldn’t wait for anal to be back.

His giant underpants fell off his pants. It was large as I remembered, but it still shocked me. At that moment, I realized that I would probably need both hands to jerk it off.

I got down on my knees and tried to suck it. I’m determined to make it all the way. I want to do it all right with him. It just takes a little longer for me to stop gagging. It was making me swell. He kept urging me to look up at his face while I was still down there, He thought I was crying, so I felt a little embarrassed.

He sat down on the couch, and I knelt in between his legs. We continued to kiss as he licked my genitals. It made me gasp, I’ll admit. I was constantly looking at the giant dick and wondering how I had managed to get it in. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able it again.

In truth, I didn’t have much time to worry. He stretched his legs out wide and told me to climb on his lap.

I obliged him and sat nervously on his lap. I could feel his head pushing against my hole. After a brief panic, I was able to feel the head of his cock pushing against my hole. It required every ounce focus. It felt almost like I was being torn in two, but I continued breathing and pushing down.

I don’t know how deep I was able to sink into his shaft when he began rocking my body. It was an incredible feeling. I didn’t resist it and soon I was pushing myself upwards.

It was incredible. It was intense in an almost inexplicable way. I was unsure what to do with myself. I grabbed his wrist and then buried my head on the couch cushion. He lifted me up onto his huge dick with increasing speed. I lost track all around me, and all I knew was that he was my mate. He was my only desire. I was completely uninterested in anything else.

As he pushed further into my chest, I became more active and began to thrust my body upwards and downwards. He reached down to my waist, and began touching areas that no one had ever touched before. It was euphoric gay sex. My body felt flooded with pleasure. It didn’t end. I felt like his sex toy, I wanted to please him. I wanted him as much to love me as I loved him.

He remained inside me and grabbed my dick, then tapped the end of it, pulling out long strings of pre-cum. He then started to fiss me again.

I could see he was getting closer. He began to moan and then said he was going to pump me with cum. His dick began pulsating seconds later. It was felt in my stomach. It was almost as if the liquid was squirting in my stomach. Although it sounds strange, I was so proud of him for cumming into my chest. It was all over his sheepskin rug, which I could see when he pulled it out.

It had to be more, it was necessary to repeat the process.